She's Got Guts®

Looking after your inner health and outer wellbeing

You deserve to feel great.

If you're tired of feeling like you're constantly running on empty, if you hate how often you feel bloated, gassy, or just generally uncomfortable in your own body, it's time to make a change.

"She's Got Guts" is a unique programme focusing on resetting your guts' natural flora and teaching you new healthier habits to adopt around your food choices and self-care. You don't have to put up with annoying symptoms and general discomfort any longer. Join one of my programmes or book 1-1 coaching sessions so I can support you to greater health and wellbeing.

Let's make it happen.

If you're looking for support, feel stuck, or wish you could overcome the obstacles in your life and just don't know how to start—I will empower you to feel more confident, have more energy and vitality, and gain the success you deserve without burnout. .

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Learn new ways of operating that sustain you rather than drain you.

Are you ready to make the changes required to live the life you want, using a multi modal approach?

Are you interested in working with a coach who will help you resolve areas of your life that need attention?

If so, then I'm the coach for you. My holistic approach to coaching means I can support you completely as we work together to identify your intentions and any barriers to your success. From that I will draw on different tools and exercises to tailor the best program for you.

Are you looking for a coach with a sense of humour and someone that takes joy in encouraging you to discover your authentic self. My ability to listen and make you feel validated means I will build trust and give you the courage to stay on track. 

I am a passionate person and my enthusiasm will inspire you to keep sight of the changes you want to make in your life, which will bring you more happiness and a greater sense of wellbeing!

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A couple of recent testimonals:

"Having been coached by Emma for the past 12 weeks I can honestly say I have grown as a person and made some big shifts.

Emma listens, she holds space whilst also guiding you to find your own inner wisdom.

If you work with Emma you won’t regret it and she totally has your back" 😊

Linda H 



See more examples at "About Me" 

"I’m a great believer in gut feeling, and I can genuinely say from the first moment that I spoke to Emma, I knew we’d get along. She has been a fantastic coach, poking in all the right places. Sometimes a little uncomfortable to feel that feeling, but that’s how we grow right?!"

Kelly R